Recent Winners Of Oz Lotto

One of the most recent winners of Oz Lotto was documented during the draw of March 26th, 2019. This prize pool had been jackpotting for a while until it reached a total of AUD$70 million. To give you a better idea of how much money this is exactly, imagine it in briefcases. The average briefcase can fit up to AUD$1 million if you were to stuff it with AUD$100 notes. So, basically, you would need 70 briefcases to carry that amount of money! Pretty crazy, huh?!

Recent winners of Oz Lotto

This huge prize pool of AUD$70 million had three lucky winning entries. One of the entries was bought in Tasmania, while the other two were from Melbourne. This is no coincidence that two of the entries were from Melbourne. In fact, not only were they both from Melbourne, but they were also both held by the same man!

The hard-working St Albans man told lottery officials that he had been playing the same marked numbers for thirty years. He was a loyal Oz Lotto customer who would play every week and it turns out, his loyalty paid off - literally! And twice!

Each winning entry for this draw Oz lotto results on March 26th, 2019 received AUD$23,333,333.34 each. Since the lucky man from St Albans held two of those entries - he received a life-changing AUD$46,666,666,68. When asked what he was planning on doing with his money, the man said he was still going to let the news sink in for a bit. Then, maybe, he would think about retiring, buying a new home, or going on a holiday. One thing is for sure, though - he said he would definitely be sharing the money with family.

The other winning entry was bought in Hobart, Tasmania. Unfortunately, this entry was left unregistered because lottery officials have no way of getting in touch with the ticket holder. All they can do now is continue to urge Tasmania residents to check their tickets and hopefully, the winner will come forward soon. Could you imagine holding a winning ticket worth AUD$23,333,333.34 and not even knowing it?!

In addition to this huge Division One prize pool, Division Two had 14 lucky winners each bringing home AUD$49,892.40. A total of 1,150,318 prizes worth more than AUD$24.64 million were won during this draw in divisions two to seven.

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