Australian lotto weekly review 2020.05.25-31

Published: Tuesday, June 02, 2020.

Hello everyone!
Hope you are doing well. As every week, we would like to remind you that all lotteries are still available online - so you can make most of them without leaving home! For now, let’s look at how the results in Australia last week (25-31 May) looked like.


The draw last week (30 May) had the prize pool of nearly $16.8M which was shared by 503K players. TattsLotto results were really good, as 10 players landed the jackpot prize - each of them won over $502K. Congratulations!


This game was live once last week (Thursday, 21 May). More than 827K players shared the prize pool worth over $32M. Compared not only to the week before but also to the lottery context overall, Powerball results were incredible. We’re delighted to announce that the jackpot prize worth over $17M was landed - this time, the lucky one was a man from Queensland. Many congratulations!

Oz Lotto

On Tuesday, 26 May, the prize pool of over $6.2M was shared by 189K people. This time, Oz Lotto results were really successful for an unknown player who landed the jackpot prize worth nearly $2.5M. The chance to get this one was equal to 1 in 45,379,620 - congrats with this impressive achievement.

Monday and Wednesday Lottos

Monday and Wednesday Lottos were present on 25 May and 27 May last week. Overall, 6 players got the jackpot prize across these 2 draws: 1 player landed $1M on Monday and 5 players got $800K each on Wednesday - congratulations. The chance to get the main prize across both draws was 1 in 8,145,060.

Super 66

Last week, the Super 66 lottery was live Saturday, 30 May. Nearly 3.9K players shared more than $69K; however, the jackpot was not acquired by anyone this time.

Lotto Strike

During 3 draws last week (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday), the prize pool of around $86k was divided between more than 21k players. Unfortunately, no one won the jackpot across these draws - this tendency has been quite repetitive recently. However, there’s no need to give up - maybe you’ll be the lucky one next time?

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot

Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot was on air on Friday, 29 May. The jackpot prize of over $3M was not won, but there was 1 player who received the 2nd best prize worth $200K - congrats!

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot

Super Jackpot was live twice last week (Monday and Thursday). The jackpot of more than $6.7M was won by a man from Gold Coast - we’re excited and send our best wishes!

Set for Life

Due to its daily availability, the chance to win a prize in the Set for Life lottery can be larger. Although no one landed the jackpot last week, other results were quite good - 1 player won the 2nd best prize on Saturday. It brought them $5K per month for the whole year - well done.
Congratulations to everyone once again - take care and see you next week!

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